{"post_title":"About AntiNode","post_content":"

AntiNode<\/strong><\/span>\u00a0is a multidisciplinary performance group with a synthesis of electronic dance music, visual and performing arts.<\/span><\/p>\n

Our mission is to to change the clubbing experience!!!<\/strong><\/span><\/p>\n

The way we achieve this is light-sound duality. The age of cheesy lasers, randomly flashing disco lights and bored go-go dancers\u00a0was\u00a0for our grandmothers. When we have it our way, an\u00a0AntiNode<\/strong>\u00a0performance controls all the lights and all the sounds to\u00a0create an atmosphere that is more than the sum of its parts. Our performances are\u00a0organic and unique collaborations between DJs, VJs and dancers. <\/span><\/span><\/p>\n

We welcome audio-visual and creative coding\u00a0collaborations.\u00a0Apart from our full REact<\/span>\u00a0performances we also
\n– deliver only visuals to events
\n– exhibit\u00a0art installations at galleries
\n– work with start up companies to test their cutting edge technology<\/span><\/span><\/p>\n