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Swim\u00a0the\u00a0Shine (DJ\/VJ\/Programmer)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Scientist by day, nightcrawler otherwise…. I started\u00a0AntiNode<\/strong>\u00a0because whenever I partied or performed\u00a0at a club I never felt that the visual aspects of the show provided the right atmosphere for the music being played. Never. With AntiNode<\/strong> we are on a mission to\u00a0change that.\u00a0The best thing I’ve ever done was playing drums for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics under the guidance of Rick Smith from\u00a0Underworld.\u00a0(he is as cool as you\u00a0think he’d be)<\/p>\n




Martha (Dancer\/Choreographer)<\/strong><\/p>\n

Martha<\/strong> is half Swiss and half African and\u00a0spent the last 10 years perfecting her dance moves. She’s taken jazz, hip-hop and contemporary dance and since moving to Zurich a few years ago she joined several dance and theatre groups. Apart from driving visuals in\u00a0AntiNode<\/strong>\u00a0Martha regularly dances in the major clubs in Zurich.<\/p>\n


Ting is a very contradictory girl. She is a stubborn neuroscientist, but a moody artist as well. She loves painting, handicraft, hand-drawn cartoons, stop-motion animation, music, fantasy\u2026anything moves her. She is quiet but enthusiastic in her works, conservative but open to any forms of art, shy but brave to the chaotic world.<\/p>\n"}